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Each of our programs has been thoroughly outlined to facilitate our women with further guidance and support towards empowerment. Through these initiatives, the members of Shakti Foundation are educated and encouraged to access their educational, health, business and legal rights as individual, self-sufficient beings in the society.

Shakti Shikkha Britti Program

This program was introduced in 2009 to avail scholarships for the meritorious children of the members of Shakti Foundation, in order to build a premise for the deserving underprivileged to develop into tomorrow’s skilled human capital through education. Candidates obtaining Golden GPA r GPA 5 in P.S.C., J.S.C., S.S.C. and/or H.S.C have their admission fees, stationery and other education expenses fully supported by the organization. Till date, Shakti Foundation, along with the funding provided with PKSF, has allocated over 18lakhs for the Shikkha Britti Program.

Disaster Management

Shakti Foundation initiated this program for the victims of natural disasters with its internal disaster management team. While preoperational programs educated the team and the members of Shakti about natural calamities and their consequences, the relief programs held during ongoing disasters provided immediate relief packages through food distribution and free treatment and medicine supply to the victims. Shakti Foundation also supports the repair costs of housing, vegetable seed distribution for farmers and interest-free loans to restart economic activities after facing post-disaster crises.

Small and Medium Enterprises

The objective of this program was to give its empowered members the opportunity to enter into small and medium markets. The members have benefitted through loans ranging from 70,000 – 500,000 that catered to the customized needs of graduating micro-credit borrowers as well as clients with already established businesses. The SME clients are selected as eligible borrowers after their financial positions, cash flow patterns, income, expenditure, household capacity, and risks of business are assessed, and their manufacturing, processing, distribution, retailing and other services are studied before allowing investments.

Business Development Service

This program was officially launched in 2006 to offer business education to the small enterprise holders among the members of Shakti Foundation. The primary focuses are on business education training, business linkage services and business promotion fair. The members are mainly taught the ins and outs of running a business once it starts flourishing and requires proper guidance for further growth. These training sessions help increase their knowledge over business expansion, accounting and bookkeeping, information on market statistics, and processes of profit and loss among other business basics.


Initiated in 1999, this program aimed to further build on Shakti Foundation’s mission to make women aware of their potential as responsible members of the society. The approaches included raising gender awareness, reducing violence against women, providing legal services through own resources as well as local legal aid clinics, and assisting marriage and birth registrations. Regular workshops are conducted, where their importance as reproductive or economic decision makers in their families are discussed. Issues such as their rights over divorce, maintenance and inheritance, are also brought to light.

Health Loan

This 1994 program was among Shakti Foundation’s first activities that allowed interest-free loans for all the members. A maximum of Taka 10,000 can be allocated as a single health loan to anyone in need of emergency treatments or suffering from serious chronic illness. The term of the loan, and the methods of repayment can be either be decided by the member herself or by the members of the Health Loan Committee, who are primarily responsible for assessing the eligibility of the health loan applications.

Disaster Loan

In 1998, this interest-free loan program was implemented to provide immediate aid and support to the members affected by natural or man-inflicted calamities. A maximum of Taka 3,000 is given as a single disaster loan. The term of the loan and the repayment method is then left to be decided by the member and the conclusive advice achieved through consultation with the other members of the center to select the best possible deal that helps her in her situation.