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Allowing quality health services at minimal costs to those who live below the poverty line.

Health Program

The Health Program was started by Shakti Foundation in January 1997. All members of Shakti Foundation are expected to register for the particular program(s) that concerns them. Qualified medical personnel conduct these curricula, and they are open to all, irrespective of their ages or genders.

Primary Health Care Service

The primary health care services include training on the information and execution of family planning, immunization and counseling regarding any health issue. The patients who require specialized treatments or surgeries are accordingly referred to the government and/or private hospitals.

Health Awareness Program

This program was introduced in March 2009 to raise awareness regarding proper controlling and maintaining of diabetes and blood pressure. Shakti Foundation is also actively working with the government and celebrating global events such as World Population Day, World AIDs Day, World Health Day, etc


Shakti Foundation is a direct contributor of the Government Immunization Program. The Vaccination program has been set up under the registration of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), of Dhaka City Corporations, and outlined for children under the age of 5.

Family Planning

Our members are educated on the importance of family planning, and free family planning goods like oral pills are distributed as well. Shakti Foundation is registered with the Family Planning Directorate and also contributes to the Government Family Planning Program.

Loan For Emergency Treatment

The Emergency Loan of Shakti Foundation has been designed to meet any expenses related to emergency treatments for our members and their families. This can be anything from a minor fracture to a major surgery that needs to be seen to immediately. This loan is interest-free.

Health Grant

The members of the Health Program, as well as their children who are below the age of twelve also get supported by the health grants. This is given for the treatment of complicated diseases, and is free for all, since the members are unable to meet the high costs with their own minimal incomes.