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When the first helping hand is offered to the ones in most need, a developed society is only a few joined hands away

Designed to introduce microfinancing methods to facilitate the ultra-poor members of Bangladesh. The criteria for selecting beneficiaries for the program include women who:

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Have very limited income, i.e. below 5000 BDT per month
  3. Received poor (passed Class 5) or no education
  4. Live in extremely impoverished locals.

Since its implementation in 1992, the microfinance program of Shakti has been successfully expanding all over the country year by year. It has already covered 342 branches across 53 districts and supported over 4 lakh and 98 thousand women till date. Providing monetary support is only a part of Shakti Foundations core goals. What we really wish to accomplish is a developed society where women have learnt to trust to their own potentials and do not feel constrained by any societal limitations imposed on them. Our goals are already being met. All of these successful members of microfinance grateful to Shakti Foundation for helping them bring out their entrepreneurial spirits and the innate capabilities in them that they were unaware of.

The microfinance program consists of a number of procedures that the members are taught to follow. They begin by registering for a meeting, where they are recognized as legal beneficiaries and given unique membership IDs to represent themselves. They are trained on little step they will be making from then onwards, starting from learning to give their own signature to opening a savings account to be educated on all methods of managing loans. Upon application, a few members get selected for a 15 day rest period, after which they can come and start getting loans in instalments. They are also encouraged to explore the option of saving money from it.

Loans & Facilities

A number of facilities concerning loans, savings, and insurance to help the members be aware of the importance of social and monetary security at present and future have been practiced over the years.

Micro Loan

The micro loan scheme drives the entire microcredit program. This was implemented to support income-generating activities (IGA) of the ultra-poor population of Shakti Foundation. All members of the organization are eligible for this loan provided that they meet the membership criteria and optimally utilize their loans in meaningful investments. A generous range of Taka 5,000 – 29,000 is allocated for the scheme, which also allows the convenience of two weeks before a repayment is expected. The repayments are to made on a weekly basis and given back with interest in 46 equal installments with an interest rate of 27% following the declining method.

Micro Enterprise Loan

This loan scheme was introduced after a number of previous borrowers showed huge promise with their work, especially as entrepreneurs. Shakti Foundation realized the need of a proper guideline and capital for investment in the case of these members. The ones who qualified for this loan had to at least be 2nd cycle borrowers, carry a good reputation in the group nd the center, and have a good repayment history as well. The amount allocated for the Micro Enterprise Loan impressively ranges from Taka 30,000 – 50,000. The rest of the procedure is the same as that of the Micro loan program.


The small savings program is mandatory for all borrowers of Shakti Foundation to educate them about the importance of responsibly saving one’s income and create a resource base for future. My Savings is a mandatory scheme that entitles the members to save an amount of 30 – 40tk per week with no withdrawing facilities. Member DPS is in turn a voluntary scheme where the members can save fixed amounts of Taka 200, 500 or 1,000 on a monthly basis and withdraw the loan after maturity. Both the schemes allow withdrawal with interest if the member decides to leave the organization.

Micro Insurance

For the micro insurance program, the members get the opportunity to submit a certain amount on a weekly basis, which gets deposited as their insurance. In case of death of the member, the nominee registered by the member can claim for the insurance and receive an amount of 5,000 taka or more as per the savings. Shakti Foundation also sees to a loan waiver upon the death of a member. The registered nominee then gets the offer to pay according to the waiver, as well as the savings that had been deposited within the organization by the deceased member.