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The underlying strength of Shakti Foundation lies in the systematic scheme through which the nonprofit organization carries out its mission of gradually changing the society. The execution of a program begins when a particular area from the selected poor village is brought to focus. A number of women are then chosen on the basis of their economic or social status to be listed as the beneficiaries of the program. These beneficiaries then get divided into groups. It can be noted that no two women belonging to the same family gets included in the same group.

Each of these groups consists of 5 members together with a chairman and a secretary as their representatives. 6 of such groups are then assembled, and a center is established to manage all allocated tasks and events by the selected officer in charge of the particular center. About 2000 members, or 400 groups, or 67 centers make up one branch. The branch assigned managers look after all activities that run under a program.

At the centers, the meetings arranged for the staff and beneficiaries help them engage in discussions over loans, savings and money exchange methods, and the access to direct consultation for any necessary resources or information.


Aimed at the ultra-poor members among the enlisted beneficiaries of Shakti Foundation, this powerful Microfinance program defines the core strategy of the foundation designed to introduce microfinancing methods to facilitate those who are most in need.

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The allowing of quality health services at minimal costs for those who live below the poverty line initiated the Health Program in 1997. The curriculum was not only applicable for its members but schemed to serve the community as a whole.

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The Agro Development Program was designed to support marginal and semi-marginal farmers by training them on the use of fertilizers, processing of the crops, modern agricultural equipments and technology for productive output.

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Shouro Alo

A renewable energy program that targets the districts devoid of power facility provided by the national power grid, Shakti Shouro Alo was launched in May 2010 to serve electricity through the aid of solar panels in the concerned remote areas.

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