Tender Notice

Shakti Agriculture

The Agro Development Program of Shakti Foundation has been designed to support marginal and semi-marginal farmers to further capacitate their agricultural purposes. The curriculum includes the training of the famers on the use of fertilizers, processing of the crops, modern agricultural equipments and technology for productive output. This is done by introducing the farmers to the tools and technique through the middlemen, who also help them carry out their perfect market linkages and ensure that all business proceedings are being done in a just manner.

Till date, the Agro Development Program has been running over 64 branches a successful outcome of Shakti Foundations continuing mission to locate the most agrarian rural areas in need of better agricultural practices. Farmers who lack in expertise and/or capital and are unable to make the best of their fertile lands as a result are the target beneficiaries of this program. Shakti Foundation also worked at a number of semi-urban areas to promote enhanced farming methodologies gradually across the country.

The Agro Development program also includes the arrangement of agriculture loans for the farmers with affordable service charges. They get the loans in cash, which they can return in weekly or bi-weekly installments. For now, Shakti Foundation is offering the follwoing types of loan services for the farmers to benefit from:

  • Crops Loan
  • Vegetable Loan
  • Fruits Loan
  • Spice Loan
  • Veterinary Loan
  • Fisheries Loan
  • Nursery Loan
  • Krishi Upokoron
  • Agro Business