Tender Notice

Shakti Shouro Alo

The Shouro Alo program of Shakti Foundation was launched in May 2010 to impart electricity through the aid of solar panels. This renewable energy program targets those remote areas of Bangladesh that are devoid of power facility provided by the national power grid. Within 3 months of its initiation, the curriculum was being practiced on a mass scale, and by November, Shakti Foundation had itself enlisted as Partner Organization (PO) of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL). At present, Shakti Foundation is working with 42 branches in over 53 districts and their sales centre for solar panels have reached 64. With over 7000 people all around the country who are benefitting from this initiative, Shakti Shouro Alo aims to reach 18000 solar home systems within the next decade.

However, solving this issue of providing power is only one of the tiers of the resourceful program. Every project under the Shouro Alo is of a huge magnitude that requires mass voluntary work from both ends. The poor people involved with the project discover their capabilities with the availability of more services, and their work efficiency and hourly capacity duly improve. The results were visible in the newly lit homes of the villages, which significantly improved their standards of living. Thus, this new system of sales and distribution of solar panels was a great source of relief to the impoverished people and served them with a basic facility they had long been in need of.

Shakti offers a very convenient payment scheme for the customers, which adjusts wonderfully with their financial capacities. The benefits of the payment scheme include:

  • Pay all at once or via installments as per convenience
  • Minimum of 10% down payment on the prices
  • Up to 3 years time allocation for repayment